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EU Antitrust Regulators Interrogate Cloud Rivals Regarding Microsoft's Request for Customer Data

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After a trade group lodged a complaint about Microsoft's cloud computing practices, European Union antitrust regulators are now seeking information from Microsoft's competitors regarding the customer data they are obligated to share with the U.S. tech power in the list their Azure cloud contracts. This request comes six months after the initial complaint was made.

The European cloud computing ecosystem, according to Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe, which includes Amazon, was harmed by Microsoft's revised contractual terms that went into effect on October 1.

According to Reuters, the recipients were asked to provide a list of the provisions in their contracts obliging them to give information involving their European clients to Microsoft.

According to a spokesperson from the EU executive, the European Commission has received multiple complaints concerning Microsoft, specifically related to its product Azure. These complaints are currently being evaluated by the Commission using their standard procedures.

The EU competition regulator expressed interest in gathering details about various aspects of the reporting process. They sought information about the reporting frequency, the specific duration for which data is requested, the format in which the reporting takes place, and whether the information is forwarded to an auditor or straight to Microsoft.

The question of whether there were actual, contractual or risky repercussions for breaking these terms was put to the recipients, who had until this week to respond.

The EU authority questioned Microsoft about the possibility that it had used the data to contact the receivers' consumers directly.

Microsoft declined to comment after being penalized by the EU for nearly 1.6 billion euros over the preceding ten years for numerous antitrust offenses.

According to a person acquainted with the situation, it he presented CISPE with an offer in an effort to cope with the conflict, and conversations are currently taking place.

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