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PLD Space Aborts Rocket Test Launch Due to Strong High Altitude Winds in Spain

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Strong high-altitude winds forced Spanish firm PLD Space to postpone the test flight of its first reusable suborbital rocket slated for Wednesday morning.

The business declared that it would attempt once more in the upcoming days.

The test by PLD Space will be its first step in the battle to launch tiny satellites into orbit and claim a piece of a future trillion-dollar industry.

A commercial corporation would have conducted the first launch in Western Europe from a military aerospace research facility in Huelva, southern Spain.

The spotlight is on Europe's endeavors to enhance its capacity for launching small satellites into space following the unsuccessful orbital rocket launch conducted by Virgin Orbit from Britain in January.

Dubbed "Miura 1," PLD Space's rocket draws its name from a courageous breed of fighting bulls. Standing as tall as a three-story building, this rocket boasts a cargo capacity of 100 kg (220 lb) and is also capable of facilitating zero-gravity experiments.

As much information as possible will be gathered during the test in order to construct the "Miura 5" orbital rocket, which is now being developed and will be tested from a space center in French Guiana.

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