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Indie Studio Issues Warning to Developers as It Struggles to Claim Its Own Name on Discord

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Puzzle games like Rusty Lake Hotel, The White Door, and the Cube Escape series are the work of independent developer Rusty Lake. As a component of the change that Discord is presently implementing, which gets rid of the previous setup in which each one had a discriminator(a four-digit number) incorporated into their name's suffix, the studio must select a new username like everyone else on the platform. Fortunately, Rusty Lake was given the opportunity to reserve a username very early in the procedure, but, as luck would have it, someone else got there first.

Rusty Lake took to Twitter to caution fellow indie developers, expressing their surprise and disappointment regarding the availability of a new username. They recently received an email notifying them, as Verified Owners, about the opportunity to submit a fresh username. However, to their dismay, they discovered that the username 'rustylake' had already been claimed. The incident left them wondering how a server owner with over 240K members couldn't secure it.

Rusty Lake further elaborated on the matter, highlighting the potential consequences of this situation. They expressed concern about the increased risk of impersonation and the potential financial burden associated with filing a trademark infringement claim. In an effort to address the issue, the studio sought assistance from Discord support. However, their initial contact resulted in an automated response email, which directed them to another helpdesk for further assistance.

Almost half of friend requests on the platform were not able to make connect with the correct user, according to Discord, which provided an explanation of the change back when it first announced that everyone would have to pick a new nickname. That is a significant issue, but it hasn't prevented Discord from amassing a user base of nearly 200 million. No, I too don't know why it is so well-liked.

It has happened before for someone to squat on a Discord account. Popular broadcasters like "ksi" and "pewdiepie" had their identities taken earlier in the process, however Discord has subsequently reversed those decisions and reserved the usernames for the correct people. Over 15,000 people have signed a petition that Discord users created calling for the site to continue using the numerical discriminators.

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